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Temperature differences can easily be seen using thermography.

Best applications for Thermography inspections

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Thermography employs an infra-red camera used to identify temperature differences, an important goal because differences in the temperature of an object are an indicator of equipment problems, including everything from faulty heating pipes to variations in wall thickness.

A thermography inspection takes less time than many other non destructive inspection technologies. However, it’s vital to retain an NDT company that knows how – and when – to use this technique to map temperature differences in an object.

Thermography can be used:

  • on its own
  • as an alternative to another NDT technology
  • to supplement the findings of another non destructive inspection

Typical applications include equipment and structures found in industrial facilities, such as power plants, oil refineries and petrochemical processing plants. Thermography is also used for locating glycol, hot water or heated electrical lines in concrete or other materials.

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