GPR Inspection at a Gas Plant
Insight Inspections performs NDT inspections at a wide variety of locations, such as gas plants and refineries.

Radiography testing on a pipeline
Radiography testing on a pipeline.

Best applications for Radiography (RT) inspections

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Radiography employs gamma radiation to identify damage caused by corrosion and/or mechanical damage. It is used most often to:

  • Find flaws in welds, machined parts, pipe, plate metal, tanks, vessels or pipelines
  • Locate conduit or rebar within concrete

Insight Inspections technicians are fully trained and licensed to safely complete radiography inspections. In addition, they bring many years of experience to every job and use state of the art radiography equipment.

Corrosion surveys, an Insight Inspections specialty, can take several weeks and should be booked well in advance to ensure availability.

RT is about three times more expensive than GPR. Given the cost difference, it is important to know when RT is the only alternative and when GPR can be used instead. Insight Inspections is one of the very few NDT companies that can complete a RT and GPR inspection – a key competitive advantage because you can deal with a single NDT services company that understands which inspection method is right for your business.

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