GPR Inspection on Concrete Girders
Non destruction inspections of a wide variety of concrete structures, such as girders shown above, is a specialty of Insight Inspections Inc.

Airports - a common place Insight Inspections can be found performing NDT inspections.
Insight Inspections performs NDT inspections at a wide variety of locations, such as airports.

Best applications for ground penetrating radar inspection

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Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a form of non destructive testing that employs radio waves to identify objects within concrete, a necessary step if the concrete needs to be cut or drilled and it is believed that the concrete structure may contain cables, rebar or pipes. The testing is done with a transducer that is moved over a pre-defined grid. A GPR inspection is fast, presents no health hazards and can penetrate up to two feet of concrete. Results can be saved with a digital copy or a print out.

GPR is a long-time specialty of Insight Inspections.